Strategic Meetings Management


Strategic Meetings Management is a disciplined, data-driven approach to co-ordinating your corporate events. It involves aligning each step of the meeting and event management process with your strategic objectives to achieve measurable results, quantitative savings, and risk mitigation.

Strategic Support When You Need It


cimeetings’ meetings management services support your business every step of the way. You’ll continue to hold the reins to your events, while the cimeetings team is available for consultation to help you leverage your data for maximum strategic success.

With your events presented in one centralised database, you’ll stay in control of your conferences and meetings while knowing there’s a team of industry experts ready to help you at any turn.


Exceed Expectations


A strategic approach begins before your event is conceived - requiring measurable goals and outcomes for your events.

With Strategic Meetings Management from cimeetings, you’ll receive support to ensure engagement across your business, with all parties working towards a mutual set of goals and a targeted strategy.

  • Better control of overall event management
  • Better visibility of meeting spend
  • Greater compliance with policies
  • Improved risk mitigation
  • Improved efficiency and productivity

Cost Efficiency


Supported by appropriate technology, Strategic Meetings Management provides transparency across sourcing and procurement expenditure associated with your events. With all spending data in a centralised database, you have full visibility into the spending across any parameters.

By harnessing this data and applying smarter cost control, you can ensure expenditure is in line with your budget and key strategic objectives.


Risk Mitigation


Minimising risk is a significant consideration in events today. For large organisations with a vast scope of events, there’s a large number of stakeholders and contractual obligations fulfilled to maintain partnerships and achieve desired outcomes.

With contract negotiations and accounts in a centralised database, it is easier to review and establish internal guidelines that mutually drive compliance and respect business relationships.




No strategy is complete without quantifiable evidence that it is successful. With data now at the heart of business, Strategic Meetings Management emphasises the importance of leveraging information gained from events to measure success and provide direction for the future.

Thanks to the powerful analytics and reporting engines of cimeetings, we show you how your events and business can grow.


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